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John Accardi

John Accardi

Vice President

While at Florida State University, working as one-third of the three-man operation known as Seven One Seven Parking Services, John Accardi recognized a crucial business truth – you must have a plan in order to succeed. So certainly one of the pivotal reasons for Seven One Seven Parking Service’s success is the efficiency and thoughtful design of every parking strategy Mr. Accardi has executed for our clients.

The founders realized hospitals were experiencing the same issues and challenges faced by their clients in other venues. However, John Accardi knew his operations team would require additional training to operate in the healthcare industry. Working within the guidelines of JCAHO and HIPAA, he designed and implemented HPM-IT, an intensive training program that addresses the specific issues faced by the healthcare industry. This training program has evolved over the years and is still used by HPM today.

John Accardi is the catalyst behind the operations of HPM, ensuring that our healthcare clients receive the highest level of service at all locations no matter the size or scope of the assignment. Overseeing operations in 14 states, John Accardi instills excellence in all of his managers and employees.

Like his twin brother, John Accardi values hard work and encourages his employees to do the same. He recognizes his employees’ particular strengths and utilizes their talents to the fullest, allowing everyone to contribute to the overall growth of Seven One Seven Parking and Hospital Parking Management. His supportive leadership and solution-driven approach has led to a great deal of employee loyalty, and not surprisingly, client loyalty has followed.

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