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"As a director of operations for Hospital Parking Management it is my goal at each healthcare facility to provide personnel that will be dedicated to exceeding yours and your patients and visitors expectations. Continually monitoring our healthcare sites is, at times, a difficult task; however the gratification I get when we receive a letter or comment from a patient or visitor makes it worth the time and effort."
-Neil Pennycooke - Corporate Director of Operations

Left to right: Jeff Kilcoyne , Senior Vice President of Operations;
John Accardi, Vice President; John A. Accardi, Sr., Senior Vice President;
Jason Accardi, President; James Andre, National Sales Manager.


Committed to a high level of accountability and dedication to excellent customer service, our corporate team understands your need for safe, reliable and efficient parking and transportation services. With more than 60 years of combined industry experience, HPM's leadership team is equipped with an intimate knowledge of parking management industry trends and government regulations.


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