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Testimonials - Valet Parking

Every week we receive many unsolicited emails and letters from our clients and their customers thanking us for making a positive impact on their experience at a health care facility. Hospital Parking Management would like to sincerely thank you for all of your kind words and acknowledgments.

We are very passionate about what we do and the quality of service we provide. Please take a moment to read just some of these much appreciated testimonials.

On our Parking Attendants - We received and e-mail from an Exempla Lutheran patient who received a hip replacement.  The HPM employee she writes about is Jason Taylor.  She stated, "He calmly positioned the car, lowered the seat to the correct reclining position, rolled down the window so I had something to hold on to, and carefully placed my leg with my brand new hip replacement safely and comfortably into the car."

Exempla Lutheran Hospital, Denver CO

On Valet Parking with HPM - I think you can credit the increase in valet parked vehicles at Mount Carmel's Saint Ann's Hospital's main entrance to the new attendant that started last week. This guy is awesome. I observed him several days last week and he stays at the podium, is VERY helpful to all the customers assisting them any way needed. I have had a lot of compliments on him. Please thank him for a job well done!

                                                                                                                                                                                                        -David Nelson, Ohio

On our Valet Attendants - A recent comment left at All Children's Hospital in Saint Petersburg about the service that they recieved:  "Everybody at All Children's from valet to the doctors were extremely nice and caring.  Staff made us feel very comfortable considering why we were here.  I especially want to thank nurse Megan and Dr Winesett and Ms. Betty and JOE FROM VALET... everybody was genuine and nice.  Thank You!!!

Congratulations Joe!

On our Valet Attendants - A visitor to the Sacramento Medical Center called the hospital Director of Security to compliment a valet parking attendant she had encountered at the hospital.  Here is the message:  "Visitor is requesting to pay a compliment to Danny who works in the Sacramento Medical Center as a parking attendant. She appreciates that he helped her yesterday even though it was raining very hard. She was having car trouble as her car did not start and he gave her a jump start. She mentioned that he was soaking wet and she is praying he is not sick and she wants him to know that she really appreciates it."

W. Reese, Director, Security


On our Valet Attendants - We would like to recognize your Valet, Jason Taylor. Mr. Taylor was attending the Valet around 8AM a crisp morning in the Fall of 2009. A patient pulled up in a car, with the father not far behind on a scooter. They were screaming “Maternity, Maternity!” Jason ran to get a wheelchair and called 911. As he was on the phone a mere few minutes transferring as much information as possible, the woman had the baby right there in the valet. Jason assisted the woman in the wheelchair as the father was holding the baby. The 911 Operator ask if the baby was breathing. She was not. 20-30 seconds later, the baby, as well as the 911 Operator, began to cry. Just then EMT showed up with equipment and a stretcher to take the woman and her newborn inside.
Kudos Jason for being exceptional at your job and the service you provide here for our facility.

Exempla Lutheran Hospital, Denver, CO.


ON HPM's Valet parking Service - "I’ve been employed at the hospital for many years. From the patient’s standpoint, especially the elderly they seem to be very pleased with the factor of valet parking. It’s a great asset to the hospital to have these valet attendants at the front entrance to assist our patients and visitors. The people you have providing the service are well mannered and always show respect for our patients and visitors."

Claudia D. Hishe – RN

On our Valet Attendants - "It would be very nice if all people were nice and loving. I have enjoyed the pleasure and the opportunity of having Tanya to be my personal valet attendant. She is always smiling and offering words of encouragement. Besides, no one wants to be at the hospital, we are either there due to an illness or a loved one.

Tanya is pleasant and thoughtful! I have always had a misconception regarding valet that has obscured my vision and she has opened the door and uncovered for me that not all valet attendants/companies are the same.

Once again, I, C. Fields, was grateful to have Tanya as my valet operator just as I know your company is to have her on your staff."

C. Fields, Norfolk, VA

On our Valet Attendants - "I would like to commend one of your employee's on a job well done. Employee Cory Chambliss assigned to the Harper Hospital in Detroit, went above and beyond his assignment.

While assigned to DMC Security Mobile Patrol, I observed Corey escorting a female visitor across John R Street. This person was blind. I consider this an act of kindness.

We here at the DMC commend our employee's for good deeds that improve our customer relations. Please comment this young man for his kind act. Thank you."

Wayne C. Harris, Children's Hospital of Michigan Department of Security Police, Detroit, MI

On our Valet Attendants - "Having to go to the Detroit Medical Center was always something I didn’t relish – I knew that once I got there it would take me at least 30 minutes, and sometimes longer to find a place to park – this meant I was leaving at times 45 minutes before I had to!

Then one day I pulled into the lot and saw a valet sign…I followed it and was greeted by a young man who looked like he should be in college, had a big smile on his face and welcomed me to the DMC asking if I wanted my car valet parked…I quickly said yes.

From that day forward my visits to the DMC have been a little less stressful and, as a result I don’t have to leave for an appointment quite so early."

Peter Reictard – Detroit, MI

On HPM's Valet Service - "On behalf of Children’s Hospital we would like to thank you for your continuing dedication and hard work to make our parking services one of the highest rated departments in our hospital.

We do not hesitate to recommend your company to anyone in need of parking management."

Gail Cooper – Director of Development
Tampa’s Children’s Hospital

On our Valet Attendants - "The excellent services we receive daily by your parking attendants at Detroit Medical Center are the highlight of our day. As you know, having to go to the hospital weekly is a drain and your attendants make it a bit easier.

Thank you."

P Harrison – Detroit, Michigan

On our Valet Attendants - "I believe that your parking attendants at Sentara Norfolk Hospital really understand the difficulty some of us have getting into and out of our cars. Everyday the service, if possible, seems to get better."

A. Goldworth – Norfolk, VA

On our Valet Attendants - "Thank you for your wonderful young people at Florida Hospital Ormond Beach. They have made our visits to the hospital more tolerable and have taken excellent care of our car. We praise both them for their efforts and you for identifying such wonderful people."

B. Stenworth – Daytona Beach, FL

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