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Traffic Control

Traffice Control

Our Traffic Controllers offer added safety and convenience to your patients, visitors and staff by keeping roads, entrances and parking lots free of congestion. Their main priority is maintaining a consistent, organized and safe traffic flow in and out of your healthcare facility.

Especially useful in high-traffic areas, such as main drives, entrances and garages, the Traffic Controller effectively moves traffic to its intended destination and coordinates the valet attendants to quickly move vehicles through the valet line, minimizing visitor’s waiting time. By monitoring congestion and traffic speed, Traffic Controllers also keep pedestrians around your healthcare facility and entryways safe from harm.

Traffic Controllers effectively eliminate unattended curbside vehicles, enforce short-term drop-off and pick-up policies, provide directions to alternate parking areas and direct delivery vehicles to the appropriate area. In constant contact with Security, Traffic Controllers are able to report incidents and/or accidents and resolve any situations that may arise.

By effectively managing the flow of vehicles, our Traffic Controllers allow you patients, visitors and staff to safely, easily and conveniently access your healthcare facility.


Upon entering your healthcare facility, your visitors may be overwhelmed. To put your visitors at ease, our Wayfinders take them by the hand and cater to their needs. Our Wayfinders act as personal assistants, retrieving wheelchairs and escorting visitors and patients to each department. Part personal assistant and part interactive directory, Our Wayfinders’ sole purpose is to assist your patients, visitors and staff in any way possible.

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