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On 7/17/10, we celebrated 717 day and our 20th anniversary at Philippe Park in Safety Harbor, FL. There was a DJ, food, cake, a kickball tournament, a tug-of-war competition, games and much more! Check out our Facebook page to see more of our pictures.

Recently, we were featured in a news article in the Tampa Tribune. Ironically, it was published on 7/17/10 - 717 day. Please click the link below to read about us in the article: http://www2.tbo.com/content/2010/ jul/17/170011/na-parking-kings/
We have a new addition to our Corporate Office Team. Katie Hosier has been hired on to handle the Creative and Marketing Department.

Welcome aboard, Katie!
We have another new addition to our Florida team. Mike McKeon has been hired on as Vice President to help expand our Florida markets. He will be stationed in South Florida. Welcome, Mike!
In July of this year, Seven One Seven Parking Enterprises made a donation to the Tampa Bay Italian Club under the Community Improvement Act of 1980. Proceeds will go to reinvest in building maintenance and restoration. The property is a historical landmark and this will help to continue its preservation.
Seven One Seven Parking Enterprises is very proud to have recently been provided the opportunity to donate the valet parking services for the Pediatric Cancer Foundation. On September 15, 2010, the Pediatric Cancer Foundation held their Breakfast of Hope event. We have a long history of supporting charity, and we are very excited to have been entrusted to provide these parking services. "We do hundreds of events yearly, but the ones that I am most proud happen when such beneficial organizations like the Pediatric Cancer Foundation show trust in us to make sure their guests are taken care of," remarked Lauren Ruiz the Event Parking Manager of Seven One Seven Parking Enterprises. "I would also mention that our Tampa Manager, Josh Reilly, did a first class job in managing the event. He continues to out do himself."
We again are recognizing our Valet, Jason Taylor, at Exempla Lutheran Hospital in Denver, CO for his superior service. We continue to have people singing his praise for going the extra mile. Jason always watches for "special park" cars for patients with mobility difficulties and correctly positions their car so that patients can carefully get into the seat. We received an e-mail from a Exempla Lutheran patient who received a hip replacement.

She stated, "He calmly positioned the car, lowered the seat to the correct reclining position, rolled down the window so I had something to hold on to, and carefully placed my leg with my brand new hip replacement safely and comfortably into my car." Jason, again, thank you for making positive lasting impressions on our patients and visitors!

We would like to recognize our Valet, Jason Taylor, at Exempla Lutheran Hospital in Denver, CO. Mr. Taylor was attending the Valet around 8AM a crisp morning in the Fall of 2009. A patient pulled up in a car, with the father not far behind on a scooter. They were screaming “Maternity, Maternity!" Jason ran to get a wheelchair and called 911. As he was on the phone a mere few minutes transferring as much information as possible, the woman had the baby right there in the valet. Jason assisted the woman in the wheelchair as the father was holding the baby. The 911 Operator ask if the baby was breathing. She was not. 20-30 seconds later, the baby, as well as the 911 Operator, began to cry. Just then EMT showed up with equipment and a stretcher to take the woman and her newborn inside. Kudos Jason for being exceptional at your job and the service you provide! You represent exactly what our company is all about.
We’d like to recognize Kathy, a shuttle driver for the Looper in St. Petersburg, FL. We received a call from Rick Hoe at the Pier Hotel. He reports that Kathy spent about a half hour with him learning about the company history. Apparently our passengers have been asking. He was very appreciative that the driver took time out of her schedule. Rick printed copies of information that would be distributed to other drivers. He had many nice things to say about our driver Kathy. Way to go, Kathy!
Seven One Seven Parking Enterprises is very proud and excited to have recently been provided the opportunity to donate a parking pass and four Tampa Bay Lightning tickets to the Tampa Bay PACE Center auction. PACE, in partnership with Fashion Week Tampa Bay, is proud to present Glitz, Glamour & Fashion II. The event was held on Thursday, September 23, 2010 at Neiman Marcus International Plaza from 6:00 PM to 8:30 PM. The tickets  for a home game on Sunday, October 24, 2010. Lightning vs. Predators at 6:00 PM.

“We have a long history of supporting charity, but the donations I am excited about are when we can help such beneficial organizations like PACE," remarked Jason Accardi, President of Seven One Seven Parking Enterprises, “I am excited for opportunities such as these to give back to our community."
October was Breast Cancer Awareness month. Seven One Seven Parking Enterprises showed support by donating 10 parking spaces at the St. Petersburg Forum during the Tampa Bay Lightning hockey game vs. on October 18, 2010 at 7:30pm.  The spaces were donated so that Zeta Tau Alpha volunteers could hand out free pink breast cancer ribbon pins to everyone who attended the game or was at the St. Petersburg Forum in Downtown Tampa.
"We believe in supporting this cause. Many of us at Seven One Seven Parking Enterprises is too familiar with this disease and how it can affect our loved ones," stated Katie Hosier, Creative and Marketing Manager at Seven One Seven Parking Enterprises," It was a privilege to be able to participate in a reputable cause."

For more information, please visit:
www.breastcancer.org or

September 17th was PARK(ing) Day in Downtown Tampa, and some Downtown Tampa parking spaces became mini-parks to support local artists. The Tampa Downtown Partnership, partnered with SuperTest, a Tampa nonprofit contemporary art organization, to organize the event. Our parent company, Seven One Seven Parking Enterprises, donated spaces free of charge for the event at our newest lot location, the Maas Brothers Lot at the 600 block of N. Franklin Street.

The Tampa event is part of PARK(ing) Day, a global event that, last year, involved 140 cities. "I work in downtown Tampa, and am very excited to see what the artists have done. Thank you for donating spaces to PARK(ing) day. Thanks again for participating in such a neat event!", was stated in an e-mail from Nicole Gonzalez.

For more information, click here: http://tampabay.bizjournals.com/tampabay/stories/2010/09/13/daily15.html

To see more pictures, visit us on Facebook!

Beginning in December 2010, we will be installing a new monthly parking management system, ParkTrak. This will allow our monthly parkers to go online and choose which lot in which they would like to park. Once the lot is established, they can create a user name and password to access the site.

Once access has been created, they can sign into their account to review and sign the contract online and add their credit card information for billing. After their first payment online has been made, they can come to the office to obtain their monthly parking nonstatic sticker.

The benefits include not having to visit the office each month to obtain a new monthly parking hang tag and/or for making payments. Their charges will be recurring each month until the contract has been cancelled and the non-static sticker has been returned.

We have opened some new lots in Downtown Tampa. A prized location is where the old Maas Bros. building used to be. This is our newest parking lot featuring 107 parking spaces. This spot is located in the 600 block of North Franklin Street. The Maas Bros. Lot is newly paved, fully landscaped, and has easy in and out locations at all four corners. This prized location has many local nearby restaurants and businesses in North Downtown Tampa excited because a primary complaint from customers for business was a place to park.

We have opened some new lots in Downtown Tampa. A prized location is where the old Maas Bros. building used to be. This is our newest parking lot featuring 107 parking spaces. This spot is located in the 600 block of North Franklin Street. The Maas Bros. Lot is newly paved, fully landscaped, and has easy in and out locations at all four corners. This prized location has many local nearby restaurants and businesses in North Downtown Tampa excited because a primary complaint from customers for business was a place to park.

On the powder white sands of Clearwater Beach, a new resort is set to bring world-class style and amenities to the west coast of Florida. Built by an award-winning development team and managed by Hyatt Resorts®, Aqualea Resort Condominium Hotel and Residences offers a beach residence on one of the most highly acclaimed beaches in the country, enjoying all the benefits of a worry-free luxurious gulfside lifestyle.

We recently announced an agreement with Aqualea Resort and Residences to provide valet parking, doorman, and garage management services. Aqualea Resort and Residences will now have a new partner in Seven One Seven Enterprises that strives to provide the highest level of hospitality services available. The valet parking operations will be located at the front entrance of the hotel, and our customer service representatives (CSR) working in the self parking garage are available to help guests. These services are provided seven days per week, 24 hours per day.
HPM has announced an agreement with Boone Hospital Center in Columbia, MO to provide the hospital’s patients and visitors complimentary valet parking. Boone Hospital Center will now be able to offer their patients and visitors a first class complimentary valet parking experience. The valet parking drop off and pick up location will be located at the main entrance of the hospital, and can be accessed through their three entrances.

HPM is also please to announce an agreement with UC Davis- University of California in Sacramento. We will be providing valet services Monday through Friday, 7:30AM-6:30PM. Our services began August 9th. We are excited about these new business relationships.
Every time you book an event with 717 Parking, you are automatically entered in our monthly drawing to win dinner for two! The more events you book, the greater the chance of winning. For more information, please contact our Parking Events Manager, Lauren Ruiz. lruiz@717parking.com - 800.310.PARK ext. 2006

Coming soon will be another drawing incentive offered for our stadium and arena parking!
During these challenging times, we have not lost sight of our mission. We are and always will be dedicated to providing superior service. We are excited at the opportunity to supply you with our quarterly newsletter in order to help keep you up-to-date on what is going on with our company and within the industry. I believe this to be a beneficial addition to a great business relationship. We value our clients and employees. Parking Pioneer allows us to share news, stories, experiences, industry trends, and business growth. Please enjoy. -Jason Accardi
Founded in 1990, Seven One Seven Parking Enterprise’s unique management style and approach to hospitality parking has firmly placed us at the forefront of our industry. As a national leader providing valet parking, parking management, transportation, and porter services, Seven One Seven Parking Enterprises is committed to exceeding the hospitality goals of facilities across the U.S. Whether assisting with front door needs, concierge, porter, parking or ground transportation services, our goal is to create an immediate positive impression.
With more than 70 years of collective management experience, Hospital Parking Management is committed to providing professional, economical, and efficient parking management services to the healthcare industry. HPM offers its clients extensive experience in all aspects of valet parking, front door services, shuttle services, and parking management within the healthcare field. Our sole focus is to make healthcare facilities more user-friendly and to help increase overall patient and guest relations.
Seven One Seven Parking Enterprises is proud to be part of the following national associations:

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